Who are we?

For over 40 years, APRIL International Care, an APRIL Group company, has been specialising in the provision of international insurance solutions. We design, distribute and manage insurance plans and assistance services for individuals - travelers or expats - and businesses.

APRIL group member

  • An international insurance group established in 1988
  • The leading wholesale broker in France
  • €544M of consolidated turnover in 2021

Vision & ambition

By combining local presence and expertise, we aim to facilitate our customers' mobility by ensuring their health and their travels, wherever they are in the world and whatever the purpose and duration of their trip.

Our key figures

  • 150 000 insured members in 180 countries
  • 260 employees
  • €250M collected
  • 20,000 distribution partners
  • 26 nationalities
  • 12 countries of operation

Our gender equality index 2022 (calculated on 2021 data): 

  • Pay gap: 40/40
  • Increase rate gap: 25/35
  • Promotion rate gap: NC
  • Number of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Gender mix among the 10 highest paid: 10/10
  • Index result: 90/100

Our business model

We offer a large range of products:

  • fully « compliant », 
  • for all targets (expats, permanent residents and local nationals),
  • which meet all our customers' needs.


As a wholesale broker, we use a unique business model to:

  • handle policies in our own right, in support of policy holders, or to offer third party administration (TPA)
  • run our various networks throughout the world.

Why choose us?

For our expertise

Because we've been specialising in international health insurance for more than 40 years: over 150,000 people have already trusted us to ensure their health abroad. Our benefits:

  • medical expenses,
  • repatriation assistance
  • private civil liability,
  • death and disability,
  • security,
  • retirement.

Because we work with many different partners and insurers worldwide. 

Nos assureurs partenaires

For our local presence

Because our offices and healthcare networks are all over the world, we are never far from our policyholders. By providing contact methods that match their everyday experience, we make sure we are always by the side of our members. They can get in touch with us easily at any time!


For our user-friendliness

Because we develop a number of services to make life easier for our insured members wherever they are in the world:

  • direct payment of hospital charges,
  • Easy Claim app to send medical claims in just a few clicks,
  • medical referral (partner healthcare providers),
  • telemedicine and second medical opinion,
  • direct billing in the most visited countries...

For our responsiveness

Because we are committed to handling lead times, both for your employees' routine or emergency requests:


Cercle Magellan quality label

We have joigned the Cercle Magellan in March 2019, as a labeled provider.


What is the Cercle Magellan Quality Label?

It's a guarantee of quality and trust awarded by Cercle Magellan members to international human resources providers.
The quality of our services for our clients is recognised by the Cercle Magellan in the domain of international mobility. 

Qu’est-ce que le Cercle Magellan ?

The Cercle Magellan s a community that brings together professionals of international mobility. More than just a network, it brings expertise, benchmarks and information to companies located abroad.

How is the quality label awarded?

To become a Cercle Magellan labelled provider, the applicant provider must undergo a demanding application process. In order to guarantee the sustainability of the quality of service, the Cercle Magellan label only is valid for one calendar year. A re-labelling process is necessary to keep the quality label.