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Going to the United States for business: what you need to know about the E2 visa
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The days of the pioneers and the gold rush may be long gone, but the American dream lives on. Many entrepreneurs have chosen to try their luck across the pond on an investor visa. Among these, the E2 visa is the most popular. Why is that? Let's have a look

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The E2 visa: your passport for doing business in the US

The E2 visa is a foreign investor visa that allows you and your family to move to the United States to establish or acquire a business.

Although it allows its holders to live legally in the US, the E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa. This means that it is temporary and does not involve the green card. However, the E2 visa is renewable after 25 months and allows you to live and work legally in the United States for the duration of its validity. The first step in your life as an expatriate entrepreneur therefore begins with obtaining this visa!

How do I get an E2 visa to work in the US?

As with any visa for the United States, there are several conditions that must be met in order for USCIS to give you the green light:Firstly, to be a national of a country that has signed a trade treaty with the United States, which is the case in particular of France and the UK;

  • Having invested or being about to invest a "substantial" amount in the company's capital. No minimum amount is required, but by substantial amount, immigration means an amount that is sufficient in relation to the total amount of the company and that will contribute to its prosperity over time;
  • To hold at least 50% of the shares of the company and to operate a management function in the company;
  • Present a business plan that demonstrates that your business will contribute to the development of the local economy over the next 5 years;
  • Ensure that the business is not or will not be marginal. By marginal, USCIS means a business that does not have the capacity to generate more income than the minimum standard of living required for the visa applicant and their family. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the E2 visa for moving to the US

Once obtained, the E2 visa has the advantage of benefiting the holder's spouse and children under the age of 21. In practice, it grants a work permit for the spouse and the possibility of sending their children to school in the United States.
You should also know that during the E2 visa validity, you and your family are free to leave and re-enter the territory.

On the other hand, as we explained at the beginning of this article, the E2 visa does not allow you to get a green card as some immigrant visas do. To obtain one, you will have to go through another type of visa. This also means that if you do not obtain a green card at the same time, your right to stay in the United States will end the day your E2 visa is no longer renewed, or you have stopped your activity.

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