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Different types of visa in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong is an incredibly dynamic city which attracts visitors from all around the world. Whether you plan to relocate there as an expatriate, to go on holiday or even to take part in a school exchange, there is an appropriate visa for every situation.

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I want to work in Hong Kong

If you plan to relocate to Hong Kong for employment, you will need to apply to a Working Visa. This visa can be granted if you have already been offered a position in Hong Kong. The company should then justify why you should be offered this position instead of a local resident. You must also justify from a strong educational background and relevant working experience.
The process for a working visa application usually takes between four and six weeks, but it can sometimes last longer if immigration needs to make further inquiries.
There is also an alternative to the working visa for young adults aged 18-30 years old, who can easily apply for a Working Holiday Visa. This visa is valid for one year and allows you to work for the same company for a six-month period. Although there is an annual quota for every participating country, this visa is one of the easiest ones to obtain and it is also a great solution to get your first foothold on the Hong Kong job market.

I am an entrepreneur

If you are coming to Hong Kong to start your own company, you will have the possibility to apply for an Investment Visa. This kind of visa is however a little harder to obtain. As an applicant, you will have to submit a detailed two-year business plan for your company and prove that you have enough capital to finance your business for at least 6 months. Investment Visas last two years, but entrepreneurs can apply for an additional two years, then another three years.
Another solution to obtain this visa would be to apply as part of the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. If you invest HKD $10 million in Hong Kong, you will be considered to gain residency in the city. Several investments can qualify for the visa including equities, debt securities or certificates of deposits for instance.
However, there is no specific number of investment visas given out by the Hong Kong immigration each year.

My partner is working in Hong Kong

If your partner has been offered the opportunity to move to Hong Kong for employment, you will be able to follow them without any time limitation thanks to the Dependent Visa. The main condition to obtain this visa is to be married to your partner and to submit your application at the same time as your sponsor's visa paperwork. You will also need to provide proof that you have sufficient funds and suitable accommodation in Hong Kong. You will then be allowed to live, work or even study in the SAR. More importantly, this visa also allows you to bring your children under the age of 18.

I am visiting Hong Kong

If you are coming to Hong Kong as a tourist, you will be pleased to know that most of foreign passport holders can enjoy a visa-free visit of 90 days. There is no pre-arrival registration or visa fee. However, you have to note that you won't be allowed to take up any kind pf employment or enter any school as a student.

I am studying in Hong Kong

If you have been accepted into an exchange or full-degree program in Hong Kong, the first thing you need to do is apply for a Student Visa at least two months before the beginning of your program. It can take up to six weeks to obtain your visa but the procedure is relatively simple; the university will act as your local sponsor and you will just have a few documents to provide to immigration for your application.

I found an internship in Hong Kong

And last but not least, if you are planning to come to Hong Kong for an internship within a Hong Kong based company, you will have the possibility to apply for a Training Visa. The maximum period for this visa is 12 months. Through your application, you must be able to show that the skills and knowledge provided by your sponsor company cannot be acquired in your home country. In the meantime, the company should provide you with a training contract, a proposed duration and the content of your training program.

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