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In this time of pandemic, travelling requires more preparation and precautions than before. While some countries are selectively closing their borders, others impose a quarantine period or make entry into their territory conditional on the presentation of a negative PCR test, depending on the travellers’ country of origin. And most countries are also reinforcing their controls by requiring, among other things, a travel insurance certificate including COVID-19 coverage.

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International health insurance: even more essential today when travelling abroad

Since June 2020, the conditions for travelling abroad have been progressively relaxed, and travel to many destinations is once again possible... albeit respecting the rules specific to each country: reason for travel, quarantine, social distancing, use of mask… Thus, before going on any trip, it is imperative to consult the government’s Travel Advice web page as well as the official websites of your destination country in order to find out what its entry requirements and restrictions on welcoming travellers exactly are, according to the country of departure.
And while it is generally recommended to purchase specific health insurance before travelling to another country, this is all the more true in the midst of this health crisis. This situation is prompting more and more states to require travellers to present a travel insurance certificate covering the risk of Covid.

Travel plan: Covid insurance increasingly required

Many destinations require travellers entering their territory to be adequately insured, including Cambodia, Costa Rica and Ukraine, among others; they require a travel insurance certificate that includes coverage of medical and hospitalization costs in case of a positive Covid test

> Our answers to your concerns about Covid-19.

The number of states concerned will certainly increase in the coming months. If you are planning to travel in the near future, you should ask your travel insurance company if they may issue you a certificate specifying the coverage of your COVID-19-related healthcare expenses if necessary.

> Good to know: If you sometimes rely on your credit card insurance in case of a problem during your travels, you should know that this option will rarely be sufficient under the current conditions. In fact, this type of insurance does not always cover medical expenses in the event of an epidemic and does not systematically provide a certificate specifying Covid coverage. 

Covid travel insurance + negative PCR test = a combo that could become widespread when travelling abroad

In addition to a Covid insurance certificate, some destinations also require travellers wishing to enter their territory to present a negative PCR test done within the last 72 hours. This is the case, for example, in Tunisia, Cyprus, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and Cambodia, as well as in several French overseas departments and territories, including Guadeloupe and Martinique.

This test can be done in France, without the need for a doctor's prescription. It is also reimbursed by the Health Insurance service for those who are enrolled, and can be done at any screening centre. If you get the test done abroad, it will often be at your expense.

  • In case of a positive PCR test, you’ll have to quarantine yourself immediately.

  • If you do not present a test at the time of inspection or if you refuse to submit to it on the spot (boarding, at the border, etc.), you may be refused entry depending on your country of destination, or you may be required to do a strict mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

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