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Where can you go on an exchange programme?
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Exchange programmes now make it so much easier for students to travel the world. It’s just all about enrolling on the programme that will make your dreams a reality while fitting your budget. Dying to learn Spanish in Costa Rica? How about a little history of art in a Roman university? What would you say of a year as a Berliner, while finishing up your master’s degree? Whether you’ve set your mind on a European country or not, use and make the most of an exchange programme.

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Studying in Europe

Since the Schengen area was created, the European Union has developed quite a few exchange programmes. The idea is to promote and encourage student mobility within Europe. Ever heard of the Erasmus programme? Ever listened to some students going on and on about how incredible their Erasmus year was? Here’s an overview of the three main European exchange programmes. Find out who and what they’re for.

Studying abroad through a European exchange programme has some obvious benefits such as easier administrative process, financial support, degree equivalences…

Studying outside of Europe

What if you feel like heading to someplace outside the old continent? Does studying in Hong Kong sound like some kind of impossible wish to grant? You simply might not know some exchange programmes can get you to almost any country, as long as you’re ready to cope with all the paperwork and sometimes high costs. Before you leave, do check the value in your home country of the degree you might get abroad. According to where you want to go and how advanced you are in your studies, pick the right programme:

  • Erasmus Mundus, to study in Europe and worldwide;
  • ISEP, to study in the United States;
  • ALFA, to study in Central or South America;
  • Study Abroad, to study just about anywhere in the world.

Ready to set foot in a foreign country? Take the first step towards a stunning resume by studying abroad on an exchange programme

Learn more about exchange programmes

Studying in Europe? Take a look at the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network.

Find plenty of resources about all sorts of programmes on Go abroad.

Since January 2014, the Erasmus+ program brings together all European mobility programs.

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