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Impôts payés à l’étranger  comment obtenir un remboursement de taxes
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Did you know that when you work abroad you may be entitled to claim a tax refund? 
It’s true! Many working holidaymakers overpay tax and are entitled to claim some of their tax back.
If you’re unsure how to get started with claiming your refund, don’t worry, the team at are here to help you out!
They’ve answered some of the most common tax questions below.

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Who is entitled to claim a tax refund when working abroad?

Everyone’s tax situation is different, but it’s important to keep in mind that when working abroad you may have overpaid tax and you could be entitled to a tax refund.

You should first of all file a tax return for the country where you worked to declare all of the income that you earned and then you will be able to determine whether you are due a tax refund. 

Also, please note that you can complete your tax return and claim your tax refund when you have returned home. So, don’t worry if you’ve already returned home, you can still claim your tax back!

Claim your tax refund today

You provide tax refunds from 12 different countries. Which are the 3 countries that come back most often?

Yes, we are present in 12 countries worldwide, but the 3 main ones where French people have worked and claimed their tax back from are Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 

Why use a tax agent to get a tax refund?

You can always submit a tax return yourself to the relevant tax office in the country where you have worked.

However, many people struggle to understand their tax filing obligations when working in a foreign country. That’s why most people use a tax agent, like, to claim their tax refund when they’ve worked abroad. have tax experts for each of the 12 countries that they provide a tax filing service for. So, why not hand it over to the tax experts so they can ensure you are fully tax compliant and claiming back the maximum tax refund you are entitled to?

APRIL International clients will get a 15% discount on percentage fees with

To get started with, simply fill in this short form

How are your service fees calculated?

Our service fees are calculated as a percentage of your refund amount. You can see a breakdown of our fees here.

We provide a no refund, no fee service. So, we will provide you with a free estimate of the tax refund amount you are due. If you are happy to then proceed with our services, we will outline our fees and once you agree with those we will file your return, claim your refund and transfer your refund straight into your bank account. 

More information about

Visit They also have a 24/7 live chat, so if you have any tax questions, feel free to ask them through the live chat.

Don’t forget, APRIL International clients are entitled to a 15% discount on percentage fees with

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