I want to postpone/change the dates of my insurance cover because of COVID-19

If your cover has not yet taken effect, you can contact us by email at:

I am returning home sooner than expected and want to cancel my insurance, is it possible?

Yes. We are making it easier for you to cancel your insurance. We will accept a request to cancel on presentation of the return airline ticket to France (or to your country of origin if different). Please note that for short-term policies taken out from 17 June 2020, the first 3 months of premiums will remain due in the event of early termination.

I want to take out travel/short-term insurance cover for my stay abroad.

We can offer you the MyTravel Cover solution. This plan provides health - assistance - baggage - personal liability (private capacity) cover for stays abroad of up to 12 months. Some destinations cannot be covered due to events taking place there. We also offer specific solutions for students.

I want to extend my insurance cover as I cannot return to my home country and need to stay abroad.

Yes, we can offer to extend your APRIL International policy for a minimum of 15 days. To do this, email us at adhesiontemporaire.expat@april-international.com with the duration of cover you need and your current plan number.

I want to be repatriated. What should I do?

There are a number of scenarios:

  1. Either you need to be repatriated for medical reasons (in the event of illness or accident or if you are particularly vulnerable with regard to the coronavirus given your medical history): in this case, our assistance partners will arrange your repatriation
  2. Or you wish to return to France for fear of contracting the coronavirus or on the recommendation of the French authorities: in this case, we unfortunately cannot cover your repatriation. This is one of the exclusions in our plans, and in all other insurance plans on the market

If the French authorities advise you to return to France, and your flight is cancelled or if you have trouble booking your return ticket, this is what we advise:

  • in the first instance contact your airline or travel agency,
  • then contact the Embassy or Consulate in the country where you are staying for information on possible repatriation arrangements being organised by the French government,
  • and lastly our partner assistance providers who will do everything possible to assist you depending on the available capacity on the flights being operated by the airlines.
Am I covered if I get the COVID-19 virus?

The “medical expenses” benefits provided under all of our plans can be claimed if Coronavirus is suspected or detected. In this particular context, “experimental” treatments, meaning medically-prescribed treatments being tested by doctors to treat this disease, will of course be covered as no cure has yet been found. This also applies to enforced quarantine in hospital.

My academic course abroad has been suspended. What can I do?

If your academic course has been completely discontinued, you can request the cancellation of your insurance plan due to your early return home by sending us a copy of your return airline ticket to France as evidence.
If your course has been temporarily suspended, you will still be covered in your country of nationality for 90 consecutive days and will be covered again when you resume your studies.

For any specific requests, please email us at info.expat@april.com or call us on +33 (0)1 73 02 93 93

Is it possible to temporarily suspend the payment of my premiums?

We will look at individual cases in relation to COVID-19. You can contact our team directly by email at info.expat@april-international.com

Is Covid-19 testing covered?

We cover both PCR, antigenic and serological tests on medical prescription and within the limits of the contract.

Are Covid-19 vaccines covered?

If you have an insurance plan that covers vaccination, the Covid-19 vaccines will be covered in the same way as any other vaccine, but only with a prescription. Check with your local authorities to find out how to access vaccination in your country of residence.

I am an expatriate: how do I get my health/vaccination pass?

The French authorities replaced the health pass with the "vaccination pass" in January 2022 for access to a number of places open to the public. Since 14 March 2022, the vaccination pass is no longer compulsory on the national territory, except for access to health establishments, retirement homes and establishments for the frail or disabled.

If you want to access your pass to travel, here is the procedure:

1. If you live in the European Union: 
It's very simple!

  • If you are vaccinated: you must had an injection of one of the four vaccines recognised by the European Medicines Agency (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Janssen). All you have to do is scan the QR code of your European vaccination certificate on the TousAntiCovid application or show the paper version of your certificate.
  • If you have a certificate of recovery: scan the QR code on the result of a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test attesting that you recovered of Covid-19. The recovery must be more than 11 days and less than 4 months.
  • If you cannot be vaccinated: prove it with a certificate of contraindication to vaccination.

2. If you live outside the European Union but your vaccine is approved by the European Union: 

You can now request a certificate of vaccine equivalence. The procedure for retrieving a QR code (and thus obtaining your vaccination pass on the TousAntiCovid application) is available on the Santé.fr website by clicking here.

3. If you live outside the European Union but your vaccine is not recognized by the European Union:

You will have to start your vaccination schedule from the beginning. You are considered unvaccinated.

To stay informed of the latest updates before you travel to France, you can visit the government website https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en or call the free information and advice platform of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health (+33 800 130 000).

If you have any questions about your Covid-19 cover, you can contact us by clicking here.

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