How do I find a doctor or hospital which is a member of the Aetna network in the United States?

If you benefit from the third-party payment service in the United States, you can avoid advance payment by visiting doctors and hospitals which are members of the AETNA and Caremark networks, through our partner Global Excel.

Visit the Global Excel website to find your nearest partner healthcare professional:

  1. Click on "Selecting a provider" or "Choisir un prestataire" if you are visiting the site in French

  2. Click on "Search now" / "Cherchez maintenant"
  3. A new page will open and you will be able to select the type of doctor you are looking for in the "Search for" section and then indicate the city in which you wish to consult a doctor

  4. A window will appear and you must then click on "Search without choosing a plan". You can in fact select any option because you have the possibility to consult all the health professionals in the network.

  5. You can access a list of health professionals corresponding to selected criteria

  6. You must then present your third-party payment card to the practitioner to avoid advance payment of costs

How do I receive the third-party payment card for the USA?

Within one month of your contract taking effect, you will receive an email from our partner Global Excel with a link to download your third-party payment card.

I haven't received my third-party payment card for the USA: what should I do?

We invite you to contact our partner Global Excel on +1 866 299 2900

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