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The best destinations for digital nomads: how to find them?
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With the proliferation of digital jobs and the recent spread of remote working, the nomadic lifestyle is really catching on. Some countries have even created a visa specifically for workers on the move: the digital nomads. Bermuda, Mexico, Germany or Georgia... The range of destinations is now so wide that it is difficult to decide! Here are a few tips on how to choose a host country that suits you.

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Which country should you choose to telework in? Essential criteria to consider

Cost of living, quality of life, good integration of foreign residents and sufficient internet connection are all necessary conditions for an exciting nomadic work experience.

It is precisely on these "primary" criteria that Circleloop's Digital Nomad Index ranks no less than 85 destinations around the world. These include:

  • The speed of their mobile and broadband networks: at the top of the list, Singapore with 229 Mb/s broadband and 64 Mb/s mobile, and Hong Kong which offers 215 Mb/s broadband and 56 Mb/s mobile internet
  • The price of the internet connection: be careful, because although some countries guarantee a very good quality connection, it sometimes comes at a high price, for example in the United Arab Emirates (around €107 per month) or in Bahrain (€135)!
  • The average rent for 1 person: North African countries are generally the cheapest (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt). Conversely, it is difficult to find accommodation for less than €2,000 per month in Hong Kong or Singapore...
  • The World Happiness Report's Index: Finland has the best quality of life, just ahead of Denmark and Iceland
  • The rate of foreign population present in the country: among the most cosmopolitan destinations are the United Arab Emirates (with 88% foreign population), Kuwait (72%) and Bahrain (45%).

Globally, Canada is the best place for digital nomads, thanks to an excellent mobile network and a high Happiness Index. It is followed by the UK and Romania.

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Find the right mobile working destination for you: deepen your assessment according to your personal preferences

Are you allergic to mosquitoes? Do you need good air quality? Are you looking for an easy way to socialise? Do you want to move to a tolerant country?

Refine your search on the Nomad List website! Very precise, the site notes countries, cities or islands, according to information provided by its community of nomadic workers or by national statistics, both practical, cultural, political and ethical. The advantage: all the criteria can be crossed. There is therefore no single ranking, but a ranking by person, according to the affinities, values, beliefs and desires of each.

Thus, the future teleworker will be able to select, for example, only the destinations :

  • not affected by Zika
  • with an Uber service
  • where it is possible to practice one's religion in peace
  • where it is good to raise children
  • or LGBTQ+ friendly...

Overall, the most popular destinations in 2022 include: Ko Pha Ngan (Thailand), Lisbon (Portugal), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), Cape Town (South Africa), Tbilisi (Georgia), and São Paulo (Brazil).

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Mobile working and health coverage: always a good idea!

Because the life of a digital nomad brings its share of adventures and surprises, you are never safe from a health problem or an accident. To live this unique experience with peace of mind, it is important to be well covered. APRIL International understands the specificities of a teleworker's life abroad and offers an adapted international health insurance policy that includes coverage of health expenses related to Covid-19.

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