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Countries looking to welcome expats in 2022
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Are you planning to live and work abroad in 2022? You should know that many countries are actively looking for qualified expatriates! To cope with the lack of labour in certain fields, or to revitalise their national economy after the health crisis, several countries have put in place advantageous measures to attract foreign workers.

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Canada opens its doors wide to expatriates

Canada remains the favourite country for expatriation, especially thanks to the Working Holiday Visa Programme (WHP) which attracts many young people every year. However, due to the health crisis and the restrictions in force, Canada is struggling to fill its immigration quotas.

In Quebec, for example, the need for skilled labour is so great that the province has decided to launch a recruitment mission specifically targeting French-speaking expatriates. Numerous positions in cabinet-making, construction, mechanics or tourism, hotels and restaurants are available on the official Job Bank website.

In Ontario, there is also a shortage of workers, particularly in the plumbing, architecture, electrical, accounting and teaching sectors!

In order to attract more qualified foreign-trained expatriates, administrative procedures and skills tests will be reduced. For those professions not linked to a compulsory licence, it will soon be possible to obtain a work certificate without having to prove local work experience.

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Thailand: in search of skilled foreign labour

Asian countries are often preferred destinations for expatriates - due to the low cost of living compared to Western countries - and Thailand is no exception. 

To address the shortage of highly qualified workers in certain sectors, such as engineers or researchers, the country has introduced several advantageous measures for expatriates:

  • A new 10-year visa, offered to expatriates and their families;
  • The abolition of the notification of residence every 90 days;
  • Tax benefits, with the income tax cap at 17%.

What is the objective of these measures? To attract at least one million expatriates (investors, wealthy retirees, but also teleworkers and digital nomads) in the next five years.

There is only one condition for qualified workers: they must be able to prove a minimum income of €68,000 over the last two years, or hold a master's degree.

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Europe, a real paradise for digital nomads

European countries are not left behind when it comes to attracting qualified expatriates. A godsend for digital nomads, who can work wherever they want!

To revitalise certain villages and keep the local economy going, Spain and Italy have introduced bonuses for expatriates who settle there. In Croatia, residence permits have been specially created for teleworkers!

Georgia wants to attract digital nomads with the Remotely From Georgia programme: a free one-year visa allowing people to live and work freely, while taking advantage of the country's low cost of living.

In Ireland, start-ups can receive government support through the Enterprise Ireland programme, and benefit from one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe. The requirements? Set up a start-up domiciled in Ireland, create 10 jobs and achieve a turnover of €1 million over three years. 

In the UK, work visas are reserved for qualified expatriates who have studied at the world's top universities and already have a job offer in a fast-growing company located in the UK. These visas are also available to entrepreneurs who have managed to convince a strong investor!

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