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Thumbs up, you’ve finally set your mind on going to Barcelona under the Erasmus + programme! Two options are available: studying or completing an internship. Worrying about how you will pay for your stay abroad? You might be able to get an Erasmus grant through your home institution. The monthly grant varies according to the country you live in and the country you are heading to. The Erasmus grant simply gives a significant boost to student mobility: don’t expect it to cover all your expenses abroad.

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Study grant

Aiming to spend your third academic year in Berlin under the Erasmus programme? Accommodation, student insurance, travel expenses: paying for a 12-month stay abroad can be tricky. You’d better start dealing with all the financial aspects well in advance. Students who go abroad under the study mobility programme are often entitled to receive an Erasmus grant. The amount of money you get every month depends primarily on the country you visit. Usually, a student will receive between 150€ and 300€ per month. Want to know how you can apply for an Erasmus grant? Get in touch with the International Office of your institution.

Internship grant

Did you just secure an internship in an Italian import-export company? Congratulations! You’ve landed your dream internship but you are still desperately hunting for funding solutions. If your institution signed the extended Erasmus University Charter, you may go abroad under the placement mobility programme and might be able to receive an Erasmus grant. Here again, internship grant rates depend on the country of destination but they are usually somewhat higher than those of study grants: students receive between 300 and 450 € per month.

Receiving several grants

Here’s the picture: you will receive a 370 € monthly grant during your year in Berlin. You also just discovered that accommodation is going to cost you no less than 500 € per month… Bear in mind that the Erasmus grant is a supplement: this means that you can continue to receive all the grants you may be entitled to in your home country while also benefiting from an Erasmus grant. By adding up grants, you could end up covering most of your expenses.

To find out more about the Erasmus grant

To learn all about the Erasmus programme, browse the European Commission website.

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