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Explore our MyHEALTH plans in Asia - international health insurance for individuals & families

  • MyHEALTH offers individuals and families incredible flexibility in tailoring their international health insurance plan, ensuring access to Hong Kong's private hospitals and protecting you from the costs.

  • MyHEALTH allows Singaporeans, permanent residents and expats to design their own international health insurance coverage, including what benefits they need and their level of protection. It’s also portable, so you can take it with you if you ever need to move away from Singapore.

  • Perfect for families and individuals in Vietnam, MyHEALTH lets has the flexibility to meet a wide range of medical needs and budgets. Choose from a list of optional benefits as well as coverage levels to make sure you have the access to the healthcare you need anywhere in the world.

  • Whether you’re an expat or a Thai national, MyHEALTH is a flexible, health insurance option for individuals and families that lets you choose your own benefit modules and levels of coverage.

  • MyHEALTH offers unparalleled flexibility to anyone looking for health insurance in the Philippines, combining the high benefit levels of international health insurance with the reassurance of a licensed onshore product.

  • MyHEALTH Indonésie propose des couvertures d'assurance maladie internationale flexibles pour les personnes résidant en Indonésie. Vous pouvez choisir parmi plusieurs modules et niveaux de couverture vous permettant de personnaliser votre plan.

Avantages APRIL
International health insurance plans that can offer flexible, modular plans for both expats and local nationals
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Direct billing
We have over 3,800 doctors and clinics that form our Asia-wide cashless outpatient network and can place a letter of guarantee for your hospital & surgery bills almost anywhere in the world
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We'll be with you in an emergency
Our policies come with an emergency assistance program, available 24/7 that can help whether you need emergency medical transport to a quality medical facility or an emergency evacuation back to where you live
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Claims made easy
Paperwork has never been easier than with our secure Easy Claim app and submit your claims through your phone!
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International coverage of your healthcare
Whether you're abroad for a business trip, or travelling to your favorite holiday destination, MyHEALTH is there to cover any medical costs that may arise
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Globally portable
If the time comes for you to move countries in Asia or return home, many MyHEALTH plans allow you to take them with you, so there's no breaks in your coverage and no pre-existing conditions on a new policy in your new home
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What can APRIL International's health insurance offer you?
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APRIL International has been helping to protect people’s health and finances around the world for 30 years; now insuring over 150,000 expats, permanent residents and local nationals. Wherever our customers go, we are ready to cover their medical expenses, including consultations, medication, tests and scans, medical care, hospitalisation, and even emergency medical evacuation if the need arises. Thanks to our 20 years of hands on experience in Asian healthcare markets and an expansive direct billing network, we are able to offer a truly comprehensive international health insurance solution.

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APRIL International’s health insurance plans are incredibly flexible when it comes to making the benefits of your plan suit your needs in Asia. Cover for hospitalisations and surgeries forms the basis of your international health plan, in addition to that you can choose any of our 3 optional benefit modules: outpatient, maternity or dental and optical. You can also decide what level of coverage you want for each of those 4 benefits, with higher levels increasing the limits of the policy and even expanding the benefits, such as being able to add your newborn child without underwriting on an Extensive or Elite hospital and surgery plan.

MyHEALTH plans are community rated, so claiming on your policy will not make your premiums rise the following year. Depending on whether you want an international health plan that has the best coverage or want to focus on premium savings, MyHEALTH's modular structure means you have the power to build your own plan.

What our customers say

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    APRIL customers feedback

    Calculated from 22 submited feedbacks

  • 1 December 2022

    Everything was nice, but i dont got the Erstattungsformular

  • 15 November 2022

    I thought the help from the Broker (Exclusive Health Care) was excellent. I was very disappointed to have to pay a whole year, because I don't have a European Bank and Revoult was not acceptable!!

  • 11 November 2022

    if you like feedback, extend the box up to 2000 characters. what the heck should i write in 200 chars....

  • 1 November 2022


  • 31 October 2022

    Easy sign up process, thank you!

  • 28 October 2022


  • 5 October 2022

    I can subscribe the insurance without any difficulties. we can see the estimation of the fee imediately.

  • 28 September 2022

    Joana was incredibly helpful and answered all my queries.

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