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Healthcare costs in Singapore
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Expatriates are often worried about undergoing a medical procedure abroad: hygiene in medical facilities, experienced hospital staff, medical costs, and so on. If you live in or travel to Singapore, you shouldn’t be concerned. Indeed, the country has the most performing healthcare system in the world, according to Bloomberg’s annual report Most Efficient Health Care 2014, but the bill run high.

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Public or private

Since Singapore appears on the top-list of world's best healthcare system, it is not surprising to find world-class medical facilities here. As an expatriate you can choose between public and private healthcare, which both offer excellent care but at different prices. For example, an appendectomy in a restructured hospital can cost you S$1,100 up to S$9,400 and S$15,700 up to S$20,400 in a private hospital depending on the type of room and services you ask for. Get more information about medical fees in Singapore on the Ministry of Health's website.

In order to reduce your health expenses while still benefiting from high-quality treatments in Singapore, consider choosing a restructured hospital or polyclinic, except for particular needs.

General physician and dentist

Distinction between public and private care also applies for general physicians and dentists. Once again, the quality of service and treatment is outstanding but the price charged will depend on the type of facility and procedure you will choose. An appointment with a general physician amounts to S$20 in the public sector and up to S$125 in a private clinic. A dentist charges about S$20 in the public sector and S$30 in the private sector.

Singaporean citizens benefit from government help for their health expenses but expatriates are not eligible to this subsidy. Therefore it is highly recommended to get a private health insurance.


All the medical specialities are represented in Singapore, in the public as well as in the private sector, at various prices. For example, an appointment with a dermatologist costs between S$125 and S$250. Ophthalmologists charge you between S$80 and S$350.

Drugstores in Singapore

It is easy to find a drugstore in Singapore especially in malls. The most known ones are Watsons and Guardian. Many western pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products are available there but slightly more expensive than their price in their country of origin. Some drugs are only delivered upon medical prescription written by a Singaporean doctor. Antipyretic pills cost about S$10 and a treatment for cold is worth approximately S$12. Pay attention to western cosmetics: they are quite expensive in Singapore. For example, a French moisturizing cream costs between S$30 and S$40.

Cashless direct payment of medical charges

MyHEALTH health insurance subscribers benefit from a high-quality medical network in Singapore while being exempt from paying direct charges to the hospital.

For more information and advice, please contact our April Singapore Expat staff and learn more about our expat insurance solution.

If you want to know more about medical costs in Singapore:

Visit MOH's website to get an estimate for a medical procedure

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