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Why do I need an expat insurance in Singapore ?
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When an expatriate is getting ready for a new life, many questions emerge: accommodation, school for children and cost of living. Health insurance may not be a priority either because your employer already provides you with health cover, because you don’t know which insurance to choose or simply because you’d rather take care of that later on. Besides, many people think that buying a health insurance is just an extra cost. Yet, everywhere in the world and especially in Singapore, it is essential to carefully choose a health cover that suits your needs.

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Expatriates do not benefit from government healthcare subsidy

Only Singaporean citizens and permanent residents are eligible to the local healthcare system. Expatriates and tourists do not benefit from government's help therefore you will have to pay all your medical and healthcare expenses by yourself (hospitalisation, drugs, etc.).

Your employer's health cover may not suit your needs

Companies sometimes offer their employees a health cover but it's not guaranteed that it will be adapted to your health needs: your glasses may not be covered for example. You will then have to fully assume significant unexpected medical expenses

Benefit from a tailored health cover

Choosing a health insurance that understands and meets your needs (hospitalisation, dental care, maternity, etc.) is the best way to fully enjoy your new life abroad carefree.

Be covered during your trips

By subscribing to our international health insurance MyHEALTH, you are covered anywhere in the world and know that you are safe. Whether you visit Bangkok or fly back home to see your relatives, you can trust your health cover 24/7.

Your personal advisor is always here to advise you

Expatriation is a real challenge especially when you have to start a new life in a country you don't know. It is then good to know that you can rely on your health insurance personal advisor in Singapore in order to find answers to your multiple questions and benefit from hotline support 24/7.

Avoid any excessive health expenses

In the United States, in the United Kingdom or in Australia, and in many other countries, the healthcare system is very efficient and provides patients with high-quality care but at a high price. Singapore is no exception. Saving money on health insurance may end up with a huge bill.

Find out which country has the most expensive average medical appointment

Get covered against any risk

Even if you're not the kind of person who is often sick, make sure before you leave that you know about the existing diseases in your new country. In Asia for example, one mosquito bite may transmit the dengue fever, for which treatment costs up to S$ 30,000.

Cashless direct payment of medical charges

MyHEALTH health insurance policyholders benefit from a high-quality medical network in Singapore while being exempt from paying direct charges to the hospital.

For more information and advice, please contact our April staff in Singapore.

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