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Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies... We select for you reputable health professionals in the most visited countries. Go meet them without fear!

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You don't know which hospital to choose for a knee operation?
You don't know which doctor to go to in a city you just moved to?
You don't trust the local health system?
Or you simply don't want to have to search for a health professional?

Take advantage of our healthcare networks!

APRIL International's Healthcare Network

The choice is yours!

  • 690,000 doctors, 5,700 hospitals and 68,000 pharmacies in the US and Mexico
  • 4,000 referenced medical partners in Asia 
  • 156,000 professional partners in France...

And to identify the nearest professional or partner establishment in a few clicks, go to your Easy Claim app.

Thanks to APRIL's third-party payment system, you don't have to pay in advance

In some countries, a simple visit to the doctor can be financially stressful. To ensure your access to healthcare with peace of mind, we offer a third-party payment service in the USA for your doctor's and pharmacy fees through our partner network Global Excel.

Take care of your health without fear of the bill!

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