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What hours do doctors work and how much does a consultation cost in Tunisia? Is the treatment prescribed good quality? Here is some useful information about medical services in Tunisia.

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Seeing a doctor in tunisia

When can you see a doctor in Tunisia?
Hospitals are open 24/7.
How much does it cost?
The approved rates set by the National Health Insurance Fund in Tunisia are:
- consultation with a GP: 15 to 20 dinars (€8 to €10)
- consultation with a specialist: 25 to 35 dinars (€10 to €20)
"It is customary for a doctor to treat his or her relatives, colleagues, immediate co-workers and medical students free of charge (art. 44 of the Code of Medical Ethics)."
How good is the quality of care?
The authorities have invested heavily in hospital infrastructure in order to equip hospitals with high-performing equipment, both in the public and private sectors. However, equipment and waiting times are better in the private sector.
What languages do doctors speak?
You will find many doctors who speak French. However, you will only find doctors who speak English in the bigger towns and cities.
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