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Preparing a trip is always exciting: choosing the destination, the best time to go, the type of accommodation, airline, places of interest and on-site activities. So many projects and pleasures to look forward to, sometimes we forget the basic precautions and yet they are vital for a great holiday!

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Health problems top the list of problems encountered on holiday.

You can avoid them if you gear up properly.

Make an appointment with your doctor, dentist, specialist, gynaecologist, before your departure and discuss your travel plans with them

List the treatments and recommended vaccinations for the destination you have chosen.

If you have a chronic illness, remember to take enough medication for the entire holiday. It is also recommended to keep your prescription on you, if possible translated into English, with the international non-proprietary name (INN) if necessary for your destination.

Remember to take a first aid kit suitable for your trip. Your doctor or pharmacist can always provide advice!

And remember that in some countries medical expenses can be very high, even exorbitant, hence the importance of having a good travel insurance policy, to help you throughout your holiday.

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