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Health risks & Vaccinations in Australia
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What are the health risks in Australia? Here is some information on the key risks and dietary precautions to take when visiting or living in Australia. 

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Peace of mind when visiting or living in australia

Major health risks in Australia

Australia is not a country with serious health hazards but you should remain vigilant on some points: 

Mosquitoes and insects that can cause:

  • Ross River fever (or Dengue Fever) and Barmah Forest virus. Both diseases cause muscle and joint pain,
  • Kunjin virus which causes headaches and fever,
  • Japanese encephalitis, although the risk is low for travellers.

Bathing areas where there is a risk of:

  • the transmission of melioidosis with symptoms similar to flu. This infection is usually caused by contact with infected water or mud,
  • sharks which can be aggressive and therefore very dangerous.
  • STDs and AIDS: safe sex should be practised by using condoms, while needles and other medical equipment should be sterile.

Food risks in Australia

There is no risk from food and water in Australia.

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