Direct payment of your hospitalisation costs.
And your budget is protected in the event of a health problem.


If you are hospitalised, we can make it easy for you: we give an advance. And of course, we wish you a good recovery!

In the event of hospitalisation, do not give any advance of money!

In some countries, such as the USA, hospital bills are very high. An appendicitis attack can cost you around €45,000!  A trip to the hospital is already a source of stress. So for your peace of mind, we always spare you the fear of the bill. 
Wherever you are, you can count on our hospital care payment service.

In case of emergency

Are you the victim of an accident or does your state of health require immediate hospitalisation? Once you have informed us of your situation, we will contact your hospital directly. From sending an agreement to cover your costs to paying the bill, our priority is to facilitate your access to the hospital and the care you need.

In case of scheduled hospitalisation


Are you about to be hospitalised for a knee operation? Will you soon be spending a few days in hospital for treatment? Prepare your hospitalisation by submitting your claim via your Easy Claim app. It will be processed within 3 days!

What you need to know about APRIL's support in the event of hospitalisation

In all cases, we pay the bill

In some situations, the hospital asks for payment before the hospital stay. Another possibility is that the bill is sent after the hospitalisation. But in any case, you do not have to pay anything! We take care of the advance payment or we payment afterwards.

Need help choosing a hospital? We can help you!

Have you just moved abroad and don't know which hospital to go to? Do you wonder about the quality of care provided in your nearest hospital? 
Do you wonder if the treatment you are offered is really suitable? 

Thanks to the local experience of our medical teams, we can recommend quality hospitals and give you feedback on the care offered on-site. To do this, go to the 'Find a Provider' section of your Easy Claim app.

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