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During your course, whether you’re in college or university, you will almost certainly be encouraged to gain your first experience abroad. One of the most common ways for students to go abroad is on an internship. You will be immersed in the corporate culture and have the opportunity to practice the language every day in a professional context. But finding an internship is not easy as employing interns is often less common abroad than in France!

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Finding an internship

To find an internship abroad, one of the easiest ways is to go through a company located in France. Take a look at the job offers advertised by major French companies operating abroad. You may find adverts for internship opportunities abroad.
You can also search directly on local job sites. In this case, you will be seeking a "work placement" or "internship". Companies based abroad are often unaware of internships (with an internship agreement) as we know it in France. An alternative is to look for a fixed-term contract (or temporary job) abroad and get your employer to sign your internship agreement. You will then have a better chance of getting paid!

The recruitment process

To apply for a job, you should write your covering letter and CV in the language used in the job ad. If it is a speculative application, write your letter in the language of the person you are writing to. Be prepared for an interview in a foreign language as you will certainly be required to demonstrate your language skills either in person or by phone.
This type of experience abroad will be a real asset for your future job search. An internship will be a real bonus on your CV as you will acquire new business talents while also improving your language skills. Over and above the professional benefits, you will have a fantastic personal experience as you are immersed in a different culture and adapt to the local way of life! 

Get more information on internships abroad on the Ministry of Education website.


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