Medical claims made easier.
And thanks to digitisation, it's getting even faster.


Pay the health professional and send your claims. We'll process it right away.

1st euro or CFE top-up: the choice is yours!

Reimbursements from the 1st Euro spent?

If you opted for a 1st Euro cover, your Easy Claim app is your best ally to be reimbursed quickly.

Reimbursements in addition to CFE?

If you are a beneficiary of CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Étranger) or still part of the French Social Secutiry system, your APRIL International policy will act as a top-up.

Get reimbursed by bank transfer

Reimbursements of your medical claims are made by transfer to the bank account of your choice.

The bank charges applied by our partner bank are at our expense!

3 things to know about the reimbursement of your medical costs

Have you chosen a deductible?

Before you can benefit from the reimbursement covered by your policy, you will have to pay the amount of the deductible.

Is your medical bill over €/US$ 1,000?

Sending invoices via Easy Claim is limited to this amount, so you will need to send your invoice by post.

Are you expecting a medical expense of €/US$ 2,000 or more?

Before incurring these expenses, a prior agreement from our Medical Officer will be required.

First claim request via Easy Claim?

It is time to check if you have activated your Customer Zone. This step is essential to use the app.