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New partnership with DNAFit
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DNAFit is a high-value, one-time investment for anyone seeking truly personalised nutrition and exercise guidance.

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APRIL International has recently partnered with DNAFit, a genetic test and report provider from the UK - now operating in Hong Kong.

DNAFit genetic reports are a powerful efficiency measure for those who wish to modify diet and training in line with individual response. They are a no-nonsense guide to improving athletic performance and body composition or for anyone simply wanting to target a healthier lifestyle and stay fitter for longer.' DNAfit

DNAFit reports cover: Carbohydrate-, Saturated Fat-, Caffeine-, Alcohol-, Salt- Sensitivity + Detox Ability, along with ideal training regimen in line with Power/Endurance Bias, and Recovery Speed.

All APRIL policyholders can enjoy a 30% discount on the usual rate of HK$6,000 for the DNA test, personalised diet & fitness reports, and consultation (including live recording for future reference.) DNAFit HK & China are the only provider in Asia to include a personal consultation as standard, as well as a 12-week training programmes matched to DNA testing results.

In order to access this special arrangement, policyholders simply need to contact DNAfit and show their APRIL membership card. There is no waiting period and every current APRIL policyholder is eligible.

As this is the first step in introducing new wellness-related benefits and delivering more value to our mutual clients, please be sure to give us your feedback. DNAfit is entirely independent from APRIL and we are not liable for any aspect of the DNAfit service, nor will we be party to any test results.

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