Make your insurance card digital. 
You will have your card at hand!


Download your digital insurance card in Apple Wallet or in Google Pay. It will follow you everywhere!


Your insurance card accessible at any time on your mobile

A 100% digital insurance card means less paper and more simplicity! Here are 3 good reasons to add your APRIL International insurance card to your mobile:

1. Your card is always available in your Apple Wallet or in Google Pay, even without an Internet connection.

2. Your card is updated in real time with: your contract, its duration and your policy number on the front. On the back: your personal identifier to access Easy Claim and your APRIL emergency numbers.

3. You will receive useful and personalised notifications.

How to download the APRIL International insurance card?

It's fast and easy!


1. Do you have Apple Wallet or Google Pay on your mobile? If not, download the storage app on your Apple or Android device, through the App Store or Google Play.

2. You will receive your download link by email and will be able to store it in the app by clicking on this link.

3. Your card is now accessible and up-to-date in the storage app!

Do you have any questions about the digital cards?

More info here: if you use Apple / If you use Android