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How does it work?

Who are the doctors?

We rely on the expertise of our partner Teladoc Health and their medical teams who speak over 30 languages in 130 countries.

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With a network of over 50,000 specialist doctors, you can count on a reliable medical service wherever you are.

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Telemedicine april international

The opinion of an expat

Xavier, expat in Taiwan, tested our telehealth service...

Why did you opt for telemedicine rather than for a "classic" medical appointment?

Je vis à Taïwan où la médecine est de grande qualité mais où il est assez difficile d’avoir un dialogue de plus de 30 secondes avec un médecin. En gros, soit vous êtes malade et on vous soigne, soit vous ne l’êtes pas et ils ne comprennent pas pourquoi vous venez. Donc la téléconsultation m’a été très utile pour identifier le problème et savoir, ensuite, vers quel spécialiste me tourner avec quelles questions précises. Comme à Taïwan la médecine est très efficace quand vous savez où frapper, mon problème est actuellement réglé !

I live in Taiwan where medicine is of high quality but it is quite difficult to speak with a doctor for more than 30 seconds. Basically, either you are sick and they treat you, or you are not and they don't understand why you came. So, remote consultations were very useful for me to identify which problem I had, which specialist to turn to, and what questions I could ask then. As medicine in Taiwan is very efficient when you know where to go, my problem was solved!

What is your impression of the medical response you received from the Teladoc Health doctor?

Excellent. I had a first contact, after which I was able to send additional documents by email and then have another contact with the doctor. All in French with very good and clear explanations.

Do you expect to make more use of the telehealth service in the future?

For sure.

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