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Luc and Erwan tell us how they are using their Working Holiday Visa to travel and discover Australia.

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When you arrived, what were the first things you did?

As soon as we got there, we:
- opened a joint bank account,
- bought a mobile phone with an Australian number,
- applied online for a Tax File Number (TFN) from the Australian Taxation Office to have the right to work.

Where and how did you buy your van?

To buy the van, we searched on Gumtree and Australia-Australie. It took us a month to find the perfect one having looked at more than twenty.

What sights, cities and places do you think shouldn’t be missed?

The major cities, Sydney, Cairns, Perth, Melbourne and Broome but they’re expensive ...
The east and west coasts, the beaches, the islands - and not necessarily the best-known ones as some of the less well-known are really good (Great Keppel Island for example).
The rainforest, the outback, the waterfalls ... they’re great too!

Is it easy to meet people?

It’s easy, very easy, but it all depends how shy you are! There are lots of Europeans (French, German and Swedish).

Was it easy to find somewhere to spend the night?

It’s easy to find backpacker hotels, they’re everywhere, maybe even too many! You can stay as a backpacker but if you fancy getting a roommate, there are ads everywhere.

LetsGo2AustraliaHave you any good tips to pass on?

The bus is really expensive! Buying a car is very easy, not too expensive and very convenient.  Hitching and car sharing is common and you’ll find everything you need on the road: electric barbecues, showers, water and so on. Buying or renting a car, a van or a 4x4 is for us one of the best ways to travel!
Accommodation costs are fairly reasonable.

If you had to sum up your experience in one sentence?

“LetsGo2Australia again!”
No, it was more like: “Absolutely brilliant, confetti and champagne. Awesome!”

What advice would you give a young person setting off on a WHV to Australia?

No worries, it’ll all work out, mate. Be careful how much you spend and it’ll be fine …

PS: Oh, yes and watch out for sharks, snakes, crocodiles, spiders, jellyfish, deadly shellfish, kangaroos on the road, dingoes, torrential rains and cyclones … Otherwise, NO WORRIES!

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