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The healthcare reform called the "100% Santé", also called the "zero excess", is being implemented gradually between 2019 and 2021. It’s intended to enable all those covered by French health insurance to access dental, optical and auditory care, which is often very expensive, more easily. However, it does not mean they should forgo a health top-up insurance policy, quite the contrary…

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What is the French "100% Santé" health insurance?

The goal of this major reform: improve access to expensive care which has hitherto had low levels of reimbursement by French social security, namely dental, optical and audiology prostheses, by giving insured persons a zero excess. Three tools are used to accomplish this:

Capping of prices for ranges of products and care services which are marked "100% Santé";

A gradual increase of the Social Security reimbursement rate for these care services and products;

Another obligation: health professionals must provide the « 100% Santé » products and services.

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In tangible terms: what “100% Santé” will change for health top-up insurance

At the end of the reform implementation period, all insured persons with a health top-up insurance policy will be able to choose between different types of care solutions:

- Audiology 
> Either a “100% Santé” solution, which is reimbursed in full for certain hearing aid models;
> Or an open cost solution, reimbursed according to the individual cover of each individual insurance policy.

- Optics 
> Either a “100% Santé” solution which is reimbursed in full for several freely chosen lenses and frames called "category A";
> Or an open cost solution for category B lenses and frames, reimbursed according to the individual cover of each individual insurance policy.

- Dental care:
> Either a “100% Santé” solution which is reimbursed in full for a selection of prostheses (crowns, bridges, removable prostheses);
> Or an intermediate solution, with a "controlled" price, leaving a moderate charge payable by the insured person;
> Or an open cost solution, reimbursed according to the individual cover of each health contract.

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“100% Santé” and expats in France: the need to keep your individual insurance health policy

French Social Security will continue to reimburse only a proportion of your optical, dental or auditory prostheses, even for products which are marked 100% Health: your "zero excess" includes, indeed, the reimbursement proportion of your health top-up insurance. It is therefore essential to have one. Particularly if you decide to opt for care which is not included in the 100% Health baskets, the level of coverage of which depends on the cover of your individual health top-up insurance. 

Finally, 100% Health relates only to certain types of care: to meet your other requirements sufficiently (medical consultations, hospitalisation, preventive medical care, etc.), the benefit of an appropriate health top-up insurance policy is therefore essential. 

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