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Why choose health insurance when you’re studying?

  • Because going to the States was a dream come true but I never imagined getting appendicitis during my year at college in New York... The medical bill came to €20,000!

  • Because with my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), I wouldn’t have been reimbursed for the consultations with the private GP I saw when I was studying in London.

  • Because in Florida, my stay in hospital for several weeks following a cycling accident cost more than €190,000... It wouldn’t have taken long to reach the €12,000 limit from my bank card’s insurance!

Student health insurance: choosing the right cover
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Discover MyStudies Cover! Comprehensive insurance for your studies, internships and au pair placements worldwide (with the exception of excluded countries).

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Choose your package:


For small budgets


Comprehensive cover

Cover conditions

Accidents and medical emergencies only

In all situations

Medical expenses

Up to €100,000 worldwide

(€250,000 in the USA)

Accidents and medical emergencies only 

 €750 annual upper limit for outpatient care

Up to €200,000 worldwide

(€500,000 in the USA)

Reimbursement conditions

Complete a medical form for each claim

Repatriation assistance
Personal liability -private capacity
Personal accident
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Why opt for the MyStudies Cover COMFORT package?
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In all the countries you visit
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of international universities
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with no deductible and no waiting period
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with the Easy Claim app
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in case of hospitalisation

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    Super advice, super friendly, especially ***, was extremely accommodating. He was very well informed and was able to answer all my questions. Trank you

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    Very good online process The requirement to still send paper documents seems outdated

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    Excellent and professional service

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    everything worked without problems easy and logical to use

  • 14 September 2020

    While the online subscription was easy and fast, I was then asked to print, sign and send physical copies of the insurance policy to France, despite being in Guatemala so that this process is unnecessarily complicated and expensive. For an international insurance not to be able to process everything...