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Slowing down, enjoying our loved ones, getting back to basics... Covid-19 has often turned our lives upside down and has had an undeniable impact on the way we work. Many of us have now rethought our habits and learnt to work differently... but also elsewhere! Riding this trend, more and more countries are launching visas for mobile workers or digital nomads. This is a godsend for globetrotters who have never had this opportunity before.

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Looking for a telework visa on a Caribbean island? The possibilities are endless!

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1. Antigua and Barbuda

Need a change of scenery to get inspired? The Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda have everything in store for their guests armed with the "Nomad Digital Residence" visa. Valid for 2 years, this visa costs USD 1,500 (€1,250) for a single person, USD 2,000 (€1,660) for a couple, and USD 3,000 (€2,500) for a family of three or more. When applying, applicants must provide, among other things, proof of health insurance covering them throughout their stay and prove an € (€41,600).

> Official website:

2. Aruba

The offer of the island of Aruba through its "One Happy Workation" programme is a little different from that of its island counterparts. To be allowed to spend 3 months as a digital nomad, you have to book a package in one of the hotels or tourist residences on the island. It is also required to join the local health insurance scheme.

> Official website:

3. Barbados

Taking a dip between two meetings against a backdrop of Bajan culture is possible in Barbados! This other Caribbean island paradise offers a visa dedicated to digital nomads: the "Welcome Stamp". To obtain this visa, which is valid for 12 months and renewable, you must be covered by health insurance, certify that you have an annual income of at least USD 50,000 (€41,600), and pay a fee of USD 2,000 (€1,660), or USD 3,000 (€2,500) for a couple.

> Official website:

4. Bermuda

With its programme entitled "Welcome to Work from Bermuda", the British crown archipelago is showing its colours. To benefit from this one-year visa - renewable on a case-by-case basis - the application is made online and requires proof of sufficient and/or regular income and health insurance. The fee is USD 263 (€219).

> Official website:

5. The Cayman Islands

In the "eden for sun-starved workers" family, we ask for the Cayman Islands! Thanks to the "Global Citizen Concierge" programme, sunbathing and work will no longer be incompatible... provided that you earn a minimum of USD 100,000 per year (€83,000) - or USD 180,000 (€150,000) for a couple -, pay the annual fee of USD 1,469 (€1,120) and are covered by health insurance. The visa is valid for 2 years.

> Official website:

Other destinations which welcome digital nomads with open arms in 2021


It is not only the tropics that have integrated remote work practices into their immigration policy! Do you like the great outdoors, dream of bathing in hot springs between two calls, and admiring the midnight sun? Iceland welcomes you for up to 180 days if you can justify a monthly income of at least USD 7,700 (€6,400) from your remote work for a foreign company or USD10,100 (€8,400) if you settle with your spouse and/or children.

> Official website:

7. DubaI (United Arab Emirates)

A symbol of modernity and innovation, Dubai has decided to share its exciting life with the whole world. Or at least, with the candidates who, in order to benefit from the 1-year "Virtual Working" programme, will be able to justify a monthly income of USD 5,000 (€4,160) and will take out appropriate health insurance. You should also not forget to pay the USD 287 (€ 239) fee.

> Official website:


Son statut de séjour temporaire vous permet de résider sur le territoire mexicain plus de 180 jours et jusqu’à 4 années, mais ne vous autorise pas pour autant à y travailler : les digital nomads sont donc le cœur de cible de ce visa particulier ! Condition pour l’obtenir : justifier de ressources nettes mensuelles au moins équivalentes à 300 jours de salaire minimum mexicain (donc environ 2 150 USD ou 1 700 € par mois), sur les 6 derniers mois. Et d’un bas de laine représentant au moins 5 000 jours de salaire minimum mexicain (environ 35 750 USD, soit 30 000 €).

Its temporary residence status allows you to reside in Mexico for more than 180 days and up to 4 years, but does not authorise you to work in the country: digital nomads are therefore the main target of this particular visa! To obtain this visa, you must have had a net monthly income equivalent to at least 300 days of the Mexican minimum wage (i.e. approximately USD 2,150 or €1,700 per month), over the last 6 months. You must also have at least 5,000 days of Mexican minimum wage (about USD 35,750, or €30,000).

> Official website:

9. Georgia

With its "Remotely from Georgia" programme, Georgia is establishing itself as one of the most "digital nomad friendly" countries. At the crossroads of continents and cultures, it invites mobile workers from all horizons to come and be inspired by its Caucasian landscapes for one year, upon presentation of a health insurance certificate and proof of income (USD 2,000 per month, i.e. at least €1,664).

> Official website:

10. Mauritius

Who said that Mauritius was only for honeymooners? The atmosphere is indeed studious under the coconut trees with the "Premium" visa. Offered to digital nomads who can prove they have sufficient resources and health coverage, it gives them unlimited free access to all the beauties of this volcanic island for 12 months (renewable).

> Official website:

APRIL International: tailor-made health insurance for digital nomads

APRIL International offers health insurance that covers you during your brainstorming sessions as well as your adventures, whether you are away for 6 months or a year working remotely from another country. Important: coverage of health expenses related to Covid-19 is always included.

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