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Health insurance for Digital nomads and Remote work visa
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Digital nomads are now a category of workers of their own. As seasoned travellers, all they need is a laptop and an internet connection to work remotely from any country: on a heavenly beach or in the heart of a distant megalopolis, anything can become their office corner! Paradoxically, the health crisis has contributed to their proliferation: many countries have opened their doors, and continue to do so today. One of the main conditions: to have international health insurance.

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Digital nomads in 2022: an interesting profile for some countries

For several years, the progressive development of telework has been at the origin of a new type of worker: the digital nomad, until then often self-employed, carrying out their professional functions remotely from another country.

As a result of Covid-19, the practice of teleworking has accelerated sharply since 2020: involving more and more workers, both self-employed and employees. It even tends to become a way of working that many people want to keep in the future. Some are even tempted by the experience of digital nomadism abroad. Especially since their projects are supported by more and more destinations!

With tourism down sharply around the world in 2020 and 2021, countries and cities whose economies depend on it have sought to attract digital nomads to offset some of their economic losses. And they continue to do so! For example, this is the case in :

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APRIL International, health insurance adapted to the telework visa

APRIL International offers a flexible health insurance package to cover you during your travels abroad, also valid during your temporary return to your home country: round-the-world or other travels! Depending on your destination and your needs, you can choose your benefits; coverage for Covid-19-related healthcare costs is always included.

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and for stays longer than 12 months, our international health insurance will meet your needs over time:

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Mandatory health insurance to obtain a telework visa

For the vast majority of these destinations, obtaining visas for digital nomads requires proof of a certain level of income and health insurance.

This is a guarantee that is frequently required insofar as digital nomads are, by definition, employees or self-employed workers whose company is not located in the country where they are staying. As a result, they cannot, with some exceptions, be covered by the social security system of their temporary host country, even if they stay there for a certain period.

> Are you going to a country of the European Union? You can certainly benefit from coverage of your necessary medical care (i.e. urgent or unexpected), but according to the legislation and formalities in force in your country of stay. Be careful, because in many Member States the remaining costs can be very high, especially if you use the private health sector.

> Are you going outside the European Union? In the event of unforeseen and necessary care, French social security may reimburse part of your expenses after they occurred, but according to French bases and reimbursement levels. This is not much compared to the - sometimes - exorbitant costs in many countries. And although some bank cards include insurance abroad, it is very often limited to 3 months and its guarantees are extremely limited.

In both cases, international health insurance is essential. All the more so as it also covers, most of the time, the need for medical repatriation and civil liability. 

> Good to know: in the context of the epidemic, many countries require that travellers' health insurance documents explicitly state that Covid-19 risks are covered.

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