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Top 10 jobs to be a digital nomad
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Travelling while working and earning money all over the world is a dream for many people. If you're looking for the perfect job to start as a digital nomad, here are our top 10 most suitable jobs for the nomadic life!

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1. Web Developer

You don't need to be in person to create websites! A solid technical knowledge is necessary, but there are plenty of online training courses to bring you up to speed.

You can code a website, an application or a software from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection!

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2. Web Editor

Do you know how to write quickly, without mistakes, and adapt to different worlds? The job of web editor may be for you! Blog articles, comparisons, product sheets, website content: the demands vary from client to another.

The job of copywriter is perfectly suited to the life of a digital nomad, since all you need is a computer and an internet connection, no matter where you are.

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3. Graphic designer, illustrator

By becoming a digital nomad graphic designer, you can create visual identities or illustrations while travelling thanks to your computer: all you need to do is be creative. 

You don't need to have a degree, but it is essential to learn the different types of software and keep up to date with the latest graphic trends.

4. Proofreader

Publishing content with impeccable spelling is essential for the credibility of companies. If grammar, conjugation and punctuation hold no secrets for you, why not become a proofreader? 

In addition to proofreading content, you will often be in charge of formatting it before publication.

5. Community manager

A community manager is the person in charge of a brand's social networks. Developing an online community is essential for most companies today, and it's a job that can be done remotely!

Your role? Writing posts, establishing a content calendar, moderating comments, animating the community on the various social networks and participating in the overall communication strategy.

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6. Online coach

Do you have a strong expertise in a field and are you a teacher? Why not pass on your skills by becoming a coach? 

Advising and accompanying someone in their professional or personal projects can be done perfectly remotely. Sport, nutrition, brand image, plenty of possibilities!

7. Photographer

The profession of photographer does not require any particular location. You can offer your services to tourist offices, websites, or put your pictures on sale on dedicated platforms.

Another possibility to be a digital nomad photographer: work during the whole wedding season and travel the rest of the year!

8. Digital Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant's job is to help companies develop their web presence and build a brand image.

It's a job that can be done from a distance, but a good analytical mind and a great knowledge of web issues are essential!

9. Translator

Are you bilingual or do you master several languages? Put your skills to good use by offering your translation services! 

No matter where you are, you can easily translate and correct texts, books and other content with just a computer.

10. Virtual assistant

Very versatile and remotely executable, the job of virtual assistant has been growing for a few years! Administrative management, accounting, email management, document translation, the missions are abundant.

If you don't like routine and have more than one string to your bow, being a virtual assistant is a good solution to become a digital nomad.

How to become a digital nomad?

For several years now, digital jobs have revolutionised our professional lives. It is now possible to work with just a computer and an internet connection, wherever you are in the world.

Most of the skills required in digital jobs can be learned on the spot. Sign up to freelance platforms and build up an attractive portfolio.

On the practical side, you will usually need to be a self-employed contractor to practice your trade. And if you're thinking of moving to Europe or the world for a few months to try out the digital nomad life or to expatriate , don't forget to take out international health insurance!

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