Does travelling without breaking the bank sound impossible to you? Not if you set off under the Working Holiday Programme (WHP)! If you haven’t yet reached your 35th birthday, you may be able to apply for a Working Holiday Visa (WHV).

It offers a double benefit: not only can you live and go backpacking in a foreign country but you may also do just about any job you like. So how long can the fun last? Depending on where you’re from and which country you are heading to, WHV's are delivered for 6 to 23 months stays. Wondering where you can go? Many countries have signed reciprocal agreements: take a look at the embassy or immigration websites of the destinations you’re interested in to know if you can visit on a Working Holiday Visa. Australia, Canada and New-Zealand are the most popular countries. How about gaining work experience during an extended holiday? Go abroad on a WHV!

Convinced and almost about to start packing? To get your Working Holiday Visa, you will need to prove you have Working-Holiday Visa insurance. Depending on your destination, there might not be room for everyone: begin the planning well in advance.

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