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Top tourist destinations in 2022
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Borders have reopened and it's high time to pack your bags and discover new horizons. Are you more of a family, couple or solo traveller? In any case, find here some examples of the top tourist destinations in 2022.

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Do you want to travel the world alone or as a couple? Find the top destinations that will welcome you in 2022!

Whether you are planning to go on a Working Holiday Programme (WHP), work remotely from the other side of the world, or simply enjoy your retirement or your holidays, there are many options available to you. But in 2022, some destinations are more important than others! 

This is particularly true of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Although the Emirates do not offer WH visas, they are very keen on welcoming digital nomads, to whom they offer special conditions. Just as they do for ordinary tourists! Close your eyes and imagine yourself overlooking the city from the top of the Burj Khalifa tower, before getting lost in the city's souks... You will be dizzy for sure.

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Another option, as exotic as it is hypnotic: Singapore. Every year, the country welcomes 2,000 people on work-holiday contracts, hundreds of nomadic workers and nearly 20 million international visitors. Going to Singapore means having the luxury of wandering through the street food markets, soaring to the sky on the rooftop terraces of Marina Bay, or taking a bucolic break in one of the many parks of this garden city...

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For a completely different trip to the end of the world, head west to Mexico! For the 300 lucky people who can go there on a WHP every year, as well as for digital nomads and tourists, Cancún is the most popular destination. But don't neglect the surrounding area: the Mayan site of Tulum, but also the numerous cenotes where you can catch beautiful memories with your family. And if you are ready to travel a few thousand kilometres more, head for Baja California, which is much less known to tourists.

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Finally, the lands of Australia and New Zealand are welcoming foreigners with open arms (again). Many have already gone down under and some have even decided to take the experience beyond a simple holiday. Have you ever thought of doing a WHP in Australia or New Zealand? To settle there for a few months while working remotely? Or simply put your bags down for a while to immerse yourself in the local culture?

Need an international family adventure in 2022? Countries to go to!

Is your little (or big) tribe a fan of the great outdoors? Crossing the Atlantic is not a problem for your family holidays? Then don't miss out on a road trip to the United States... or even more original, to Canada! Go hiking in the Rockies, canoeing on Moraine Lake near Calgary, or whale watching on Vancouver Island. A show that is sure to delight the whole family!

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Do you prefer a tropical climate, turquoise waters and Asian cuisine? Head for Thailand, if possible in winter; a country that warmly welcomes young and elderly alike, and offers them a wide range of cultural and tourist activities.

Another option, in Europe: Spain. Or rather "the" Spains... It is difficult to reduce this country and its island territories to a single identity. Whether you choose to go on a family holiday to Barcelona, Malaga or Majorca, you and your children will not be disappointed by the diversity. 

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