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The purpose of a cancellation policy is for those covered by the policy to obtain a refund of the cancellation fees retained by the supplier should they be prevented from travelling because of a reason covered by the policy.On the day you purchase your ticket, you don’t imagine needing to cancel. However from this day on, travellers are subject to a risk: that of not being able to travel!Cancellation insurance provides a solution to cover the financial risk involved in cancellation, that of the fees invoiced, which can reach 100% of the cost of the trip.When a trip is cancelled due to an event unforeseen at the time of purchasing the trip, beyond the traveller’s control and which prevents their departure, the cancellation policy comes into play.

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Reasons for cancelling a trip

What type of reason?

This is where you can see what makes the difference between suitable and unsuitable policies.

Policies covering home insurance, credit cards and vehicles may include cancellation, generally for 6 or 7 reasons including serious health issues (illness, hospitalisation and death), but the scope will be limited to close members of the family.

A specific travel insurance policy will not just cover a short list. It will cover the consequences of any provable circumstances preventing the person from travelling.

The following will be guaranteed for several reasons:

  • Theft of ID papers needed to travel,
  • Visa application rejected,
  • An accident on the motorway causing 2-hour traffic jams, making the traveller miss their flight,
  • Breakdown of a train making the traveller miss their flight,
  • A surprise tax inspection requiring the presence of a manager,
  • Breakdown of a lift for three hours, when the traveller is between floors,
  • Airline staff in charge of transport going on strike,
  • Natural catastrophes in the destination country,
  • And so on.

And above all, with a policy adapted to the trip, if somebody cancels for a covered reason, all fellow travellers covered by the same policy can also cancel!

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