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Sophie and Vincent are two young French nationals who are spending a year in Japan on a Working Holiday Programme.In this interview they talk about their plans and what made them decide to make this trip.

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Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

Hi! Sophie, illustrator, age 26 and her friend Vincent, jeweller, age 27. We decided to go travelling together as we share a love of Japan.

What are your plans?

Going to Japan for a year is something we’ve been preparing for several years. We have both already been there as tourists and met lots of interesting people, seen lovely landscapes and come away with wonderful memories... Fantastic experiences but not long enough. That’s why we wanted to go for a whole year and take the time to really get to know Japanese culture, the hinterland and the people.

Why a WHP in Japan?

The WHP is an opportunity for us to go to the land of the rising sun and stay there for longer than the 90 days you’re normally allowed. Especially since it’s pretty easy to get one and, even if there is a quota like in Canada, the maximum has never been reached (so treat yourself and go for it!).

The WHP, as its name suggests, is also a way to combine "holidays" and "work". Vincent hopes to find something in his field and Sophie will write about her adventures on her blog while working remotely for a French employer. Some go on a WHP to work in their field and increase their work experience; others are seeking adventure and are happy to have different types of "arubaito" (casual work). 

How did you discover APRIL International Expat?

We knew quite a lot of people who went on WHPs and they all got insurance at APRIL and were very pleased with it.

Anything to add?

You can follow our adventures on the comic strip on Sophie’s blog: Nani Nani !

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