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Leaving everything behind to go to the other side of the world for a year or more does not happen overnight. You are almost certain to get your WHP and are already planning your travel itinerary? But have you thought about telling your current landlord? Do you have an international driving licence or WHP insurance? In order not to forget anything, let's review the essentials before your departure!

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Priority #1: apply for a Working Holiday Programme

In view of the administrative delays, which vary from country to country, the application for a Working Holiday Programme is the first thing you should do. This will also allow you to avoid last-minute unforeseen events such as discovering that you are no longer eligible because of your age, that your passport will expire by the time you leave, or that the quotas have already been reached! As soon as the applications for WHPs are open, send in your application.

Taking out Working Holiday insurance

To complete your visa application, the country in which you are going on a WHP probably requires international insurance. Take the time to compare the vcarious offers. Not all insurance policies are eligible for this scheme. This is why it is essential to take out a WHP insurance policy that guarantees coverage of medical expenses, hospitalisation and repatriation.

Is it not compulsory to take out insurance for your WHP? However, find out about the cost of health costs in the country, which could change your mind and make you want to leave with sufficient protection... 

Book your plane ticket

Depending on your destination, the best time to book your flight may vary: ideally during low season to avoid paying a high price. Don't hesitate to compare online offers and those from traditional operators

One way or return ticket? Some countries will require you to have a return ticket. If you don't, you should still budget for it. 
Other options are: 

  • an open ticket: you choose your return date at no extra cost;
  • or a stopover ticket: to benefit from long stopovers in other countries before your return date.

Prepare for the different administrative steps before your departure in WHP

If you are leaving your home before you actually leave the country, you will need to notify your landlord, but also other administations including the tax authorities and your bank. On this point, check the conditions of use of your payment card abroad.

For peace of mind thousands of miles away, don't forget to take out a power of attorney, whether it's for your bank account, to receive your mail or to exercise your right to vote.

Also remember to check that your driving licence is valid in the country of your WHP. If it is, you will need to apply for an international licence.

Finally, don't forget to cancel contracts like: telephone, internet, insurance, various subscriptions, etc. Notice periods apply in certain cases.

Finding a job and accommodation in WHP?

It will be difficult to anticipate everything, but there is nothing to stop you from finding out about the local job market or about the accommodation for Working Holiday participants. On this point, don't forget to book your first nights on site, in a youth hostel for example. Indeed, between your backpack and the jetlag, you will be very happy to land somewhere as soon as you arrive!

APRIL International, your Working Holiday partner!

Whatever your destination is, APRIL International can help you throughout your trip. Find out more about our WHP insurance plan and its many benefits!

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