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Choosing the right WHP insurance for your destination
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Would you like to do fruit picking in Australia or discover the barista profession in Colombia? 16 Working Holiday destinations have signed agreements with France to date. And even if taking out insurance is not always compulsory to obtain a visa, it is nevertheless strongly recommended. So which WHP insurance should you choose before you leave?

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Compulsory WHP insurance: health, repatriation and hospitalisation insurance

Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil offer you the possibility to travel and work within their borders. But to obtain your Working Holiday Visa, international insurance is compulsory.

The same applies if you wish to travel to South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand or Canada.

Indeed, a WHP does not allow you to obtain the expatriate status. You will therefore not be insured by your home country's social security system, nor by the social security system of the country in which you are working.

Whatever your choice among these destinations, your WHP insurance contract must be able to :

  • cover your various medical treatments;
  • guarantee that you will be covered in the event of hospitalisation;
  • provide you with repatriation insurance.

Australia, Japan, Russia: countries where WHP insurance is not mandatory

While these destinations do not require international insurance to obtain your visa, it would be risky to go without.
For example, having an appendicitis operation in Australia could cost you €12,000. Not to mention the cost of repatriation from one of these three countries...

Your bank card insurance? The conditions of cover, often limited to 90 days, are not suitable for a WHP. The same is true for standard travel insurance.

What about your bank or home insurance? Although hospitalisation costs abroad can sometimes be covered, this is not always the case for medical and repatriation costs.

An international insurance remains the appropriate solution whatever your destination.

4 essential criteria to choose your WHP insurance

  • For how long are you insured abroad?

Your WHP insurance must be valid for the duration of your stay.
In fact, in Argentina, it is compulsory to have a 12-month policy, even if you only intend to stay 6 or 9 months in the country.  

And in Canada, the duration of your insurance policy determines the duration of your WHP, so plan ahead!

  • What geographical coverage do you have?

A WHP is rarely limited to one country. Check that your insurance continues to cover you when you travel.

  • What are the limits?

How far can you be covered? Considering the high cost of health care in some countries, this criterion should not be neglected...

  • How are my expenses covered?

Do you have to pay in advance, especially in the case of hospitalisation, which is often very expensive? For other types of care, what are the reimbursement deadlines?

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