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Grégory is a young French national who is spending a year in Argentina on a Working-Holiday Programme.In this interview he talks about his plans and what made him decide to make this trip.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

After five years of working, I was keen to take a year off and go on an adventure when an opportunity came up just at the right time!

What are your plans?

I decided to take a year out to travel and learn Spanish. I’ve always been interested in South America so Argentina was the ideal country for this trip. My goal is to visit as many places as I can in this incredible country and see as much as possible!

Why a WHP in Argentina?

It was when I heard that the Working-Holiday Programme in Argentina had been launched that I decided this was definitely for me. To be one of the first people to go on a WHP in this country that I didn’t know made me even more determined! The opportunity to work is also a good way to meet people and adapt to local life, really making the most of it.

How did you discover APRIL International?

Insurance is one of the conditions of my visa, so I quickly tracked down APRIL and their special WHP policy, which won me over.

Anything to add?

You’ll soon be able to follow my adventures on the Facebook page WHP Argentina!! Vamos!!

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