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Baggage insurance covers your luggage for loss, theft or damage.

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What is baggage insurance?

Baggage insurance covers all baggage, personal items and effects during the stay and during the outward and return legs of the trip, against the risks of:

  • Loss,
  • Theft,
  • Damage (due to explosion, fire or water).

It covers baggage which has been checked in or is being carried, as well as clothing and personal items, video cameras, cameras, binoculars, hi-fi and IT equipment of any kind which is owned or has been leased or entrusted to the insured during their stay abroad.

However, if the baggage is registered with a carrier, we will intervene only after a claim has been made to the carrier and after deducting any compensation that may have been paid by them as a result of their own liability.

In the case of the loss of baggage, or the contents of baggage, entrusted to a hotel operator, we will intervene after deducting any compensation that may have been paid by the depositary or their insurer as a result of their own liability.

How to claim on your baggage insurance

The insured should make the claim in writing to APRIL International Expat, within five working days following the loss or damage. After this deadline, APRIL International reserves the right to reject the claim.

Works of art and collector's items, silverware, jewellery, precious stones and pearls, valuable paintings, furs, video recorders, cameras, binoculars, any type of hi-fi or IT equipment and hunting rifles are covered for up to 50% of the insured sum. The insured will have an excess to pay on all claims.

Details of the specific baggage cover and exclusions in your policy can be found in the general conditions.

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